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with in-house full production lines for different materials


On top of the name KTony, many well-known retail brands are built up with a long-term relationships in view of decades of experienced on the design. Accumulation in the last 15 year’s experiences, which capable of transforming client’s concept into reality. Our experience leads us to come up with the best solution to satisfy the needs of retailers and brands.
Besides, good communication and visualizationforclients, closed partners and suppliers are necessarily needed, since various material are blended in a project normally, even if a tiny screw will be crucial as a result of assembling the entire store or an individual display. Therefore,well-known 2D and 3D design software play a very important role to give us the most optimum quality control and discussions on design, in which enables to satisfy our client in request of the appearance and function of products.
In addition, overlooking the project will be our responsibilities, on-site evaluation, material options, safety consideration, packaging, installation me thodologies, and

restocking the goods which avoid the products on our display or in-stores being damaged after they are installed. Our design will start advising and providing our client with an idea how the progress and status of their project should be handled at a very beginning.
Last but not the least, innovation is an inevitable and indispensable daily routine in our design team. Setting up booths in well-known exhibitions all over the world and meet our worldwide customers enrich our expertise. Many prototypes of brands and retailers for new series and collections in which accumulated loads of experiences of making them special and awesome.
Mood Boards
Sketch Development
3D Visualisation
Visual Presentation
Mock-Up Prototyping
Branding Development
Graphic Artwork
Finish Proposals/Samples
3D CAD Modelling
2D CAD Layouts
Manufacturing Drawings
Weight Loading Calculations
Product Density Calculations
Installation Instructions
User Instructions
Client Fixture Documents


√ Metal Fabricating Tooling
√ Steel Casting √ Wood Edge Banding √ Acrylic Flame Polishing √ Silk Screen Printing
√ Sheet Metal Fabricating √ Anodizing/Oxidizing √ Wood Painting √ Injection Molding √ Pad Printing
√ Tubing & Wire Forming √ Chemical Polishing √ Wooden Pallet Making √ Vacuum Forming √ Magnetic Graphic Making
√ Laser Cutting √ Wood Fabricating √ Acrylic Fabricating √ Plastic Extruding √ Solid Surface Fabricating
√ Robot Welding √ Wood Veneering √ Acrylic Laser Cutting √ Aluminum Extruding √ Multimedia Installing
√ Grinding, Polishing & Brushing √ Wood Joinery √ Acrylic Heat Bending √ Aluminum Casting √ Electric Circuit Pre-wiring
√ Powder Coating/Plating √ Wood Laminating √ Acrylic Diamond Polishing √ Digital Printing √ Electronic Parts Pre-loading


Ktony and her worldwide partners can help handle: Ocean/Air Freight | Order Fullfillment - Pick & Pack | Mechandise Rework- relabeling & re-packaging | Project Shipment | Custom Service | Cargo Insurance | Supply Chain Engineering & Management | Total Logistics Management, Landed Duty Paid (LDP) Program | Just-in-time Inventory Planning & Management etc.


KD(Knock-down) design is always necessary for the clients to save shipping measurement thus the shipping cost. In that case, onsite setup that Ktony offers will be a good a supplement. Our experienced local partners can be arranged to fullfil the jobs by installing the fixtures or even the entire retail enviroment including wall-painting, wall-papering, flooring, ceiling, lighting etc.

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Contrary to popular belief, Lorem Ipsum is not simply random text. It has roots in a piece of classical Latin literature from 45 BC, making it over 2000 years old. Richard McClintock, a Latin professor at Hampden-Sydney

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